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Think Easy, Light, Smooth and Fast

Laura talked about the book Born to Run and I completely agree that it is an amazing book and a must read whether you love to run or not.  It inspires and makes you want to go out for a run as you turn the pages.  The underlying storyline is about Caballo Blanco (Micah True) and his desire to create an ultra-marathon with the Tarahumara.

Sadly, earlier this week he passed away.  On Tuesday, he went out for a 12-mile run and never came back.  He was later found by a search party near a stream.  The cause of death has yet to be determined, but it appears that he died of natural causes.

“When I get too old to work, I’ll do what Geronimo would’ve done if they’d left him alone.  I’ll walk off into the deep canyons and find a quiet place to lie down.”

Caballo Blanco was quoted saying this several years before to Christopher McDougall during the writing of the book, but he knew exactly how he wanted to go.  He knew it’s inevitable that we’ll all die one day, but he did just as he said he would on his last run.  At least he was doing what he loved and was at peace.

So today I went out for my run in honor of him.  I followed one of his lessons and repeated the words over and over.

“Think Easy, Light, Smooth and Fast.”

I took it easy and tried to float over the asphalt.  I paid attention to the details.  I keep my arms relaxed, landed properly and for once enjoyed the wind that was pushing against me.  I left the fast for another run and just took the time to appreciate the movement of my legs in unison with the beat of the music.