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Pure inspiration

It is impossible not to be inspired by Kyle Maynard, a congenital amputee athlete and speaker. Watch this video about his life and how he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Your problems and worries will shrink and you will be thankful for all that you do have. A must share. Click on the image to be taken to the video link.


Cruce Promotional Video

The excitement continues to grow.

At 3 weeks until we are standing at the starting line, I found the promotional video for Cruce 2012.  In just over a minute, it was able to produce a smile from ear to ear, a racing heart, shakiness from combined fear and excitement and goosebumps.

Click on the image below to see for yourself!

Buenos Aires Marathon: a story in pictures

In 2009, we ran the Buenos Aires marathon. Click on the screen shot below to be taken to our M&M Running Club Mondonga Marathon Movie which is the story of that first marathon.