Trail closed…no problem!

The weather had warmed up again and it was time to pull out the shorts and t-shirt.  I’ve been bored with running my normal routes lately and since I got home early from work and the sun was still shining I decided to make my way to the park.  Thankfully since the last time I wrote about the park I have learned my way around and am able to make the loop without any wrong turns.  I eased my down the embankment to get along the creek at the bottom.

2013-11-02 11.53.10

I was amazed by how different it looked.  Just two weeks earlier I had taken the dog I’m watching for a walk.  Granted there had been torrential rains on Halloween (hence my need for dog sitting), but there was water flowing through the creek and there was even a waterfall.  It was so peaceful with the sound of running water and being surrounded by the trees even though the highway isn’t that far away.

2013-11-19 17.13.04

The two weeks had taken their toll and the ground had soaked up the water.  I ran along the path and where there used to be waterfalls and places where the trail was overtaken by water was now dry rocks and the makeshift cement trail.  I was still enjoying being one of only four other people on the trail and feeling like I wasn’t stuck in the city.

I continued on and made it to the spot where I should turn left to make my loop up the hill only to find it impossible to turn.  I knew they were doing some construction to connect this park to another, but I didn’t think they’d block so much of it off.  This meant that my 2 loop run was now becoming a multiple there-and-back.  While it wasn’t what I’d hoped for, it was more enjoyable than pounding the pavement alongside the cars.  I was able to let my mind run free in nature and truly enjoy my run.

2013-11-19 17.11.18

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"Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission." - Neil Kendall

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