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Spicing up lunch with a run

Last week I tried something new.  At the end of June, the company I work for moved offices.  While our last office had a shower, it didn’t come with a curtain and didn’t give the appearance of working very well.  Our new location is equipped with a shower and it even has a door.  All of this was perfect timing considering the cold front that blew in and my lack of desire to run in 40 degree weather in the dark.

I brought all the necessary equipment to the office and mentally prepared myself.  The involved planning a bigger breakfast and mid-morning snack with proper timing.  So I made peanut butter and jelly on toast before heading to the office and then had a bowl of cereal with banana a bit before heading out.  I was excited to change up my routine, run in daylight and start from a different point.

I tested the shower as I wasn’t 100% sure it would work or that it had hot water.  Luckily, it all worked.  So after listening to comments from my coworkers about my funny shoes and if I was really going to do it, I plugged in my earphones and was off.  I did the mile loop around my normal park and then headed further downtown to get in a few more miles before returning to work.  I soaked up the sun with every step and enjoyed fewer people in the park as it was a work day.

Once back, I hopped in the shower and had a great feeling.  I used my time wisely so once the sun went down all I had to do was hop on my bike and head home.  I enjoyed a warmer run as the sun was in full force and I was left with my night to do what I wanted to with.  The sun makes a world of a difference and avoiding the colder temperatures seems like a no-brainer to me.  I mapped out a few different routes and definitely plan on continuing this routine for the weeks to come.