The wetter the better?

Maria likes to run in the rain. I think it comes from the fact she’s from Texas and any showery respite from that summer heat is a joy. I remember we once got caught in a mental Buenos Aires rainstorm and she still quite enjoyed it. It’s not that I’m a fair weather runner, but there becomes a point when rain is not fun. And therefore a good excuse.

Today it has been raining all day. When it hasn’t been raining, the air has been wet, so you look out the window and it seems to be raining. Dark clouds pass and bring their 45-degree-angle gushes, leaving a sodden view and feeling.

I needed to run today. It was on my “to-do” list. Every look out of the window brought more winces. Do I have to? It looks horrible out there. I fought it until a lull in the day’s rain proceedings presented itself. I got running dressed and went out. Quickly. Before the oncoming downpour and being a wimp changed my mind.

Good things about running in the rain:

  • Your sweat gets mixed with rain for an all round shiny and wet effect that makes it look as if you’ve been working really hard
  • You burn extra calories by jumping in/over puddles
  • You can distract yourself with the stunning lightning display
  • Your trainers get a wash from the previous muddy run
  • You feel noble being out while everyone else is on the couch watching TV
  • You feel an affinity with ducks/swans/geese who have to live out in all weathers
  • You get to wear that expensive all-weather running gear you bought
  • You don’t get sunburnt
  • You feel like a kid again. I mean, it’s just rain, Mum!

Crappy things about running in the rain:

  • All buses and cars that pass you want to give you a good soaking and generally do
  • Cobbles and grass are slippery
  • Mud is even more slippery
  • You come home looking like a drowned rat
  • You can get struck by lightning
  • Your glasses need wipers and your eyelashes get ladled with droplets
  • You feel like a maniac being out there while everyone else is on the couch watching TV
  • All you can think about is summer, which has just disappeared over your shoulder

My run went well. I did feel noble and I didn’t get struck by lightning. The fishermen standing in their big rain coats were my rainy friends, not put off their course by the sky’s dribbles. Some sports are for all-weather gamers. Fishing, it seems, is one of them.

Running too. I felt better for being wetter out there today, clean and refreshed. I am glad I ran.

And didn’t take a raincheck.


About Laura Alonso

We run. We travel. And to combine both is a beautiful thing. "Runners just do it. They go for the finish line even though someone else has reached it first."

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