Getting cross

After my last post – you know, the one where because I was exercising again I was a serene angel of peace and calm and not cranky whatsoever – I feel bad about writing this. But I have to be honest. I am sitting here all cross and angry and… OK, OK, I’ll admit it:


A while back someone wrote to us at this blog asking for tips on Cruce de los Andes; the annual 3-day race through the Andes from Chile to Argentina, which takes a different, crazy route each time. Last year Maria and I, as M&MRC, completed it together. We did Equipo 90 (Team 90) proud and it was an incredible three days, documented here.

Anyway, as I told our enquirer, I hadn’t had a look at where Cruce was going this year. Other life stuff had taken over. We were both in new places again. And I couldn’t bear to see what I’d be missing out on.

Llegada_1Then yesterday came. February 5th: this day one year ago was when we ran over the finishing line on day three of Cruce de los Andes. Can it be a whole year? Time has flown. We have run many more steps since (and some of them together). But we haven’t run anything as important or special as those we made a year ago.

DSC_0448So, curious, today I look up Cruce and see what’s going on. Again, it looks like a very special race. They haven’t started yet. The favourites are there, on the website and Facebook. Everyone is gathering in Pucon, Chile… WHAT? The race starts in Pucon! Only one of my favourite places in the world! And just the other day were discussing volcanoes over dinner and I was telling people about climbing Volcán Villarrica. Oh how I would love to be there…

And the routes! Amazing! A few less kilometres (although we know those Argentines can’t count very well!) AND less inclines! AND more volcanoes (now that Maria and I are experts at them and the slide-down-snow-technique)! I could go on, but there would just be more, annoying !!!

The sun has just poked its head out from behind the grey, miserable clouds it’s been hiding behind all day. The rain has stopped. Are the Running Gods trying to tell me something? Laura, put on your trainers and go for a run. Join them.

But I sit here, reliving, refreshing, recounting. I want to join them, I really do.

But there, not here.


About Laura Alonso

We run. We travel. And to combine both is a beautiful thing. "Runners just do it. They go for the finish line even though someone else has reached it first."

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  1. Molly Mysliwiec

    Nice race report on El Cruce. How long did you train for the event?

    • Hi Molly,
      Thanks. It was an incredible experience. Are you thinking of doing it?
      We were running pretty regularly anyway, but built up over about 3-4 months I reckon to do two half marathon distances over a weekend. That was the peak point of my training. I would have done more hill work for the course we had, but living in Ealing, London, at the time it didn’t really compare with what we were going to face!
      Take care,

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