Training and mantras

I’m now officially back on the horse and training for a 30K on September 1st.  I’ve mapped out my training schedule and have planned how I’ll reach my max. a few weeks before.  Granted there will be a sudden climate change when I move, but it’s nice to follow a routine again.  The race is a trail run that will take place in the evening/night in an attempt to avoid the extreme temperatures common in Texas this time of year.  Besides Cruce I haven’t done an “off-road” event and I’ve never participated in an evening run besides training.  It’ll be a good change of scenery and fun experience to spice things up.

As I’ve been running, I’ve taken time to think about different mantras or the phrase(s) one says to themselves to keep going.  It might be based on internal motivation, fear or something that reminds you of why you get out there and run.  Thinking of using fear might sound weird, but have you ever imagined you were running from a pack of rabid dogs?  I don’t really have one that I use every time I get out there, but on those days when my legs are especially heavy I’ve been resorting to one in particular: “It can’t be worse than climbing a volcano.”  And it’s absolutely true.

It’s not that climbing El Mocho was a horrible experience by any means.  I use it to remind me that if we made it to the top (and back again) then I really can do just about anything.  I say ‘just about’ as I realize I still can’t fly, but maybe one day.  The first time I crossed the finish line after a marathon it was a sensation that is hard to put into words.  You really do feel like you can face anything.  The world is at your mercy as you have put your body to the limits and came out standing (even if the legs feel a bit like jelly).

“You finished a marathon and you believe, ‘If I can do this, I can do anything.” – Grete Waitz & Gloria Averbuch

I use my mantra at different times and for various reasons, but it helps me to reach my next goal whatever it may be.  And more than likely this mantra won’t work for many other people out there.  The key is that it’s something personal and it’s what keeps me moving.

What about you?  What’s your mantra?

About Maria Mendoza

"Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission." - Neil Kendall

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  1. I’ve got two, one which you’ve heard before: THIS IS BRILLIANT! When you’re the one that’s signed up for these things, you can’t take it too seriously, and remember to enjoy the good as well as the bad. I also use “You’ve been here before” … haven’t we been there, and survived?!

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