The weather in the south

I have yet again disappeared and resurfaced.  For the past month I was home in Texas to visit family and friends and slowly wrap my head around the fact that I will be moving back in a couple months.  I dedicated myself to lots of organizing and visiting while running was pushed to the back burner.  Part of this was due to the lack of an event in the near future.  And the other reason was related to the weather.  Have you been in Texas during the summer?  The heat can be unbearable.

I managed to get in a run a week or so, but the routine was gone.  I didn’t have to get out there and there were roughly 8 hours of the day when it was hotter than 90° F.  I do some things that others would consider masochistic (i.e. run across the Andes), but I prefer to not run in a sauna unless necessary.

One of my first runs after being back was done after lying by the pool for a couple hours enjoying the fact that there was a cool escape just a few feet away from me.  This was not the case once I set out for my run.  I’d mapped out a route 2 miles out so I’d get in 4 miles doing an out-n-back.  I started around 5:30 p.m., but the sun was still in full force.  I was also in the hill country so I was missing the flat streets of Buenos Aires.  I made it almost to the turnaround point and saw the hill that stood in my way.  I decided to give myself a pat on the back for running in the heat and head back without that last bit of torture.  I finished looking like I’d just got out of the pool fully clothed because of sweat.

For the rest of my trip I was faced with the issue of when to get out and run.  It had to be early in the morning before the heat set in or later in the evening, which usually wasn’t an option due to the timing of dinner.  My sleep schedule was also a bit out of whack so all of that amounted to only a few running adventures.

I had hoped that my routine would reappear once back in Buenos Aires, but I was welcomed by a cold front the day of my arrival.  This past week the high was in the 50’s and I was still at work when the sun went down.  You might say that it doesn’t sound that cold, but it was in the 40’s by the time I made it home and without a really good reason there was no way I was going back outside.  So I stayed inside in front of the heater and just thought about what a run might feel like.

Thankfully the weather is bearable again and I made it out yesterday to get back in a rhythm.  I need to take advantage of the cooler weather here in the Southern hemisphere before heading back to the sweltering heat in the south of the US in a couple months.

About Maria Mendoza

"Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission." - Neil Kendall

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  1. Pero que linda :))

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