Like-Minded: Light Footed

I read Maria’s Morning v Evening post with a smile. We have always had a tendency to do the same things at the same time: send texts, say the same comments, jump for no reason. So it should have come as no surprise that last week, as she was peeling herself out of bed early to go on morning jaunts, I was doing the same. We hadn’t planned it that way. Some might say it was a coincidence. I say not.

I agree with Maria: it’s not easy to get out of a nice warm bed and head out into the rain while others are thinking of what to have for breakfast. But it is very satisfying. I felt very noble; having the drive to get out there in the wet and wind, having already conquered Hangar Lane before 8am and still having the rest of the day still ahead of me.

Maria and I can see these benefits because we are like-minded. And I believe all runners are like-minded to some extent, whether they run sub three-hour marathons or jog circles round their local park. There is a belief in the running good that we share. Even my mum, who has been signed up for a 5km on July 1st after not having run for 20 years is reaping the buzz of her training. “The challenge is on!” she texted me recently.

No matter why we run, our thoughts are the same. Will I make it to the end? This is fun! This is torture! I feel great today! What’s that twinge for? Wow! Ow! I did it. It doesn’t really matter why we get out there; that doesn’t make us like-minded. What matters is that we do. That at moments such as passing another runner on a spring or autumnal morning they smile at you, knowing the same as you do. We are alike. And for the reason you’re both loping along the pavement and loving it.

Maria and I started this blog not because we run; not because we are friends. We started this blog because we love the experience it gives us. We love getting better and learning to carry on when it’s tough. We enjoy our worries melting away with miles under our feet. And we relish sharing it all, like two sides of the same wheel. Maybe you do, too. Or maybe you want to. It only takes a first step out the front door to get started.

Mind out. You might like it.


Have you started running recently? How does it make you feel? Get in touch with your comments below.


About Laura Alonso

We run. We travel. And to combine both is a beautiful thing. "Runners just do it. They go for the finish line even though someone else has reached it first."

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