M&MRC Cruce Story #6: The sun went down on Day 1

We had made it through Day 1 and were on the bus back to camp.  People were telling stories of how their day unfolded around us.  Each of us sitting, and those unfortunate ones that had to stand, had particular events happen during the day.  Some didn’t make it around the volcano as they took too long getting up the mountain, others had fallen on their way down the snow and many more were on an adrenaline high from the experience we just had lived.

Laura and I chatted a bit, but we also let it all sink in.  We talked some with an American girl that was standing next to us and heard about her day and before we knew it we were back at camp.  We exited the bus and made our way across the sea of tents.  Equipo 86 heard us as we began fiddling with our tent.  They’d been back for hours, but were glad to see us back and alive.  Let’s just say they didn’t have as much faith in us as we did.

My goal for the day was to make it back for lunch.  Lucky for us, lunch lasted until dinner so technically we made it.  And after a quick bite to eat, we hopped in the lake as others had suggested that the cool water would help our muscles.  So we stood for a few minutes while shivering before getting out and quickly putting on dry, warm clothes.  Of course this didn’t stop Laura from singing Mr. Jones when it came on the sound system.

That night a storm was coming and as we wrote before, Equipo 86 saved the day.  Our tents were located at the bottom of a slope so we needed canals around the edges to make sure the runoff wouldn’t end up in our tent.  Meanwhile Laura was in charge of packing up our things as we had to turn in our bags before heading out the next day.  I on the other hand opted for another round of food and headed out for dinner.  The rain hit and our beds (or rolling mats) were calling our names.  No more small talk for us.  It was time to crawl into our sleeping bags and get some sleep.

Day 2 was on the horizon and it was going to be harder than we could have ever imagined.


About Maria Mendoza

"Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission." - Neil Kendall

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