Back in action

I completely agree with Laura that events get the best of us at times and running is put on the back burner. I have been missing from the blog for quite some time (3 weeks!) as well as neglecting my trainers. But today, I woke up on a mission to get back into the groove.

I couldn’t remember how many days it’d been since my last run, but vacation and school had gotten the best of me lately. The weather has been cooling off so going for an 11 a.m. run was possible again. I’m sad to see summer on its way out, but planning runs around the presence of the sun is annoying at times. Due to time constraints, I opted for a 4-miler instead of adding on an extra mile. Needless to say, this was a good decision considering my recent hiatus.

Regardless of the distance, it felt great to get out there again. I bounced along the sidewalk and dodged the cars before making it to the park. I was out and back in no time and glad that I got myself moving again. I’m also eyeing a half marathon at the end of April. Unlike Laura, I need goals to keep myself running. It may add running to my to-do list, but thankfully it doesn’t come with the pressure that many other items carry with them.

And with the return of running comes more blog entries. More Cruce memories are on their way…


About Maria Mendoza

"Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission." - Neil Kendall

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  1. Saturday morning same wheel action! GREAT to have you back, Bird.

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