What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Actually, as Juliet came to realise, there’s quite a lot in a name. And here are two stories why.

Our Origins

In January 2008, Maria came back to Buenos Aires after a festive visit to Texas. I think she might have run an off-the-cuff half marathon with her dad during the visit and as I had continued running in the scorching heat of  the city summer, I had thought that wouldn’t it be a grand idea to start our own running club. So we did. We also added a few other things we like to do to it, namely talk and drink red wine.

And so it started. Every Thursday we would run 4 miles while gossiping about students, colleagues and our boyfriends, shower and change at mine and then head out to our favourite tenedor libre where we would marvel at the eggs with two yolks and the Chinese fish; chat with our Britain-and-royalty-obsessed waiter; and devour some bottles of Malbec.

As running clubs went, we prided ourselves in not being elitist; being runners and also being normal; being runners and also not needing Pavarotti to warm up and cool down to.

The name for our running club was simple. We were the M and M Running Club Buenos Aires (M&MRCBsAs if you need it so) What did the M and M stand for? Well, it stood for many things. Maria. Milsom. Mondonga. Malbec. Miles. Marathon. While I can’t actually remember the original two Ms, I do know that in that lightning strike of genius a whole culture of us was born: falling in love with Malbec, talking incessantly about Mileage, discovering the hilarious word Mondonga… deciding to do a Marathon.

Over a year later: It is an RC night around May time and we are in my kitchen. Maria says something along the lines of, “So, there is the Buenos Aires marathon this October and I am thinking of dong it.” I turn on her. “Bird, let’s do it. I’ve always wanted to do one. Let’s just do it.” By lunch time the next day we had signed up. It was the next M to bring us further together and cement our running club as a running club and not an extension of gossip/therapy/drunken club.

The months rolled on. The Miles increased. The Muscles ached.  The Marathon fever heightened. We ran and we laughed and we cried and we shared. And we finished. And it was Marvellous.

The point about our name is not exactly what it means. It’s what it represents to us and our journey and our friendship.

It is us. It is our Mark.

Equipo 90

The teams have been posted for Cruce de los Andes. You can find Maria Pugliese and Laura Milsom in Equipo 90.

What a brilliant number. It’s a real number. Not like some random number such as 247. Imagine!

90 is a strong number. Live to you’re 90 and you’re doing bloomin’ well.

90 metres is also the average depth of the North Sea. Not really related to anything, but I thought it was interesting.

90 minutes is a game of football. And, as commentators the world over say, a lot can happen in 90 minutes.

Well, that’s true and a lot is going to happen for Equipo 90 over the coming weeks, months, years. And if we live to we’re 90, won’t that be amazing?

But let’s start with one peak at a time, Equipo 90. 9 + 0 = 9.

And there are 9 days to go before we make it happen.


About Laura Alonso

We run. We travel. And to combine both is a beautiful thing. "Runners just do it. They go for the finish line even though someone else has reached it first."

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  1. Oh that night in your kitchen. Actually there are so many memorable ones. For a split second I regretted mentioning the marathon, but now I can’t imagine if we hadn’t done it.

    Soon enough we get to add Mountains to the list.

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