No sacrifice, no victory

Last night while flipping through the channels, we ended up watching the end of the movie Transformers.  As the machines fought to save the humans, there was a quote that stuck out in my mind.

“No sacrifice, no victory.”

Each of us has different limits as to what we are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve what we define as victory.  This also came to mind as I read another one of Laura’s blogs about what people are willing to give up for a job.  Some decide that money is more important than happiness while others are the exact opposite.

In our case for Cruce de los Andes, we are making sacrifices.  We forgo hanging out with friends the night before a long run or focus our energy towards creating new routes and mentally preparing ourselves for the next run.  And those close to us must also make sacrifices to listen to our countless stories about the upcoming adventure and how our training is going.

And there will be more sacrifices to come.  When we get halfway up the mountain and have to put our pain to the side and keep going.  There is no choice, we will keep going.  It’s the sacrifice of thinking about the team and making sure the pace is good for both even if one of us has the energy to pull ahead.

All of these sacrifices (and many more) are going to lead us to our victory.  Not placing first or second, but crossing the Argentine border and winding our way along the edge of Lago Nonthué to the mouth of Lago Lacar.  Our victory is knowing we did it; we crossed the Andes, together, and will have the memories to keep the sacrifices and victory close to our hearts for the rest of our lives.


About Maria Mendoza

"Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission." - Neil Kendall

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  1. I have tears in my eyes. I cannot wait!

    GREAT post.

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