Wiggle Room

 My running shoes look like this.  They aren’t what most people would consider normal, but I haven’t run in ‘real’ running shoes in a year and a half.

A couple weeks ago I had the realization that as much as I wanted them to, my FiveFingers just weren’t going to cut it for running across a snow-covered volcano (just to name one).  I’d planned on testing my old shoes out this weekend for my long run, but as my mom suggested maybe I should start with a shorter distance just in case they aren’t comfortable.

So taking her advice, I tied up the laces and suddenly felt that my feet were being suffocated.  I made it to the street and was off: clump, clump, clump.  I felt like I had boxes around my feet.  Not heavy boxes like when it feels as if someone put cement in your shoes, but that my feet doubled in size.  I also felt as if I’d lost traction even though these shoes have much more grip.  I felt like I was going to slip as I couldn’t feel the ground beneath my feet.

Then, I began to kick myself, literally.  I used to do this, but thankfully have stopped as it’s due to poor running form.  My right heel hits the back of my left leg just below the calf creating what is called a heel whip.  This left me a nice souvenir of a small mark on my leg.  This makes me think I should file down the heel of my shoes.

It was good to use the shoes early as now I know where to use tape for the next one.  Another souvenir is the blister on my pinky toe.  Although it doesn’t even compare to the ones Laura is currently battling with.  I might have to try my toe socks on Saturday to see if that helps as I really missed that wiggle room between my toes and feeling the rocks under me.


About Maria Mendoza

"Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission." - Neil Kendall

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