What factors in?

I read Laura’s post this morning and thought, “Yet again, we’re on the same page (wheel).”  Last night I went out for an 8 miler.  That’s been more or less my runs for the past couple weeks as I was on vacation and taking more than a hour out of it to run just wasn’t something I was willing to do.  I mean it was vacation after all.

The air smelled like rain and it had been raining in the suburbs since lunchtime.  As Laura mentioned before, I love to run in the rain.  I was excited and this also meant that 95°F weather would likely let up a bit.  I debated taking music as I have no way of making my mp3 player waterproof.  I opted against it as how could it not rain.  I hit the streets and I felt like someone had attached a parachute to my back.  The first half mile is usually the worst so I kept pushing through hoping the cords would be cut and I’d be splashing in puddles soon.

The first mile passed and the heaviness didn’t let up.  The rain didn’t start and I was without the beat of music to pace myself.  This only left my mind to ponder all the factors that go into a run and which one of those was failing me now.

Was it because I didn’t have my trusted music to keep a pace?

Was it the lack of rain and my extreme desire to run in it?

Could it have been the 95% humidity that was surrounding me?

Was it my attitude before leaving the house that if it didn’t rain and I was music-less I’d suffer?

Was it that my legs are still not used to biking to and from work again and are tired?

Was I striking my heel too hard?

As my left calf throbbed, I wondered was I landing on the inside of my foot?

Was it the 6 hours of sleep I got the night before?

Was it the large amount of watermelon I ate just an hour and a half before?

Had I not drank enough water during the day?

A guy ran passed me in jeans, a soaking wet t-shirt and sunglasses (remember I said it was supposed to rain).  Maybe I should have tried out that outfit?

Was it that I had poor timing and managed to run into several green lights meaning I would have to run in place until the cars stopped crossing?

I had over an hour to come up with factor after factor so I could keep going, but I think you get the point.

The question is which one of these many factors had the biggest effect on my run.  Honestly, I’ll never know.  The point is that there are good days and bad days.  Yesterday was not my day.  The important thing is I stuck it out and completed the mileage I’d set out to do.  On Day 2 and 3, we’re probably going to wake up worse than yesterday and our legs are going to feel like lead weights.  Thankfully we’ll have each other to rely on and help pull the other along.  It’s going to be a mental battle, but there isn’t a doubt in my mind we’re going to make it no matter the pain or any other factor that tries to get in our way.


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