Different Seasons

I talk to Laura and read her posts about how cold it is there and think how not only are we training with an ocean between us, but also in different seasons. I have to time my runs to not boil on the pavement and she is trying to not catch a cold. It all makes for an even more interesting story.

Last night my run was postponed until the sun was down and the temperature had dropped to at least the mid 80s. I set out over a sand dune (gotta get the hills in one way or another) and towards the shoreline. I was guided by the light of a nearly full moon and the few lights of the beach restaurants. I outran the rising tide and dodged the invisible fishing lines that were hidden by the darkness. I gauged my mileage by time and figure that running in sand has to add depth to my training. Hopefully it will help prepare me for those 9 kms of snow on Day 1.

Was rewarded for my running on vacation with an ice cold beer and meat on the grill. Can’t ask for much else! And from what I understand it’ll be similar to our adventures in the mountains, but with a glass of vino tinto instead of beer.

Getting more excited by the day and I’m sure we’ll have a bit of all 4 seasons as we trek across the various terrains!


About Maria Mendoza

"Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission." - Neil Kendall

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