Walls of Water

There is some seriously freaky January weather going on in the UK today. I am ensconced in my house, heating on, teapot full, fingers writing and the radio for company when it’s loud enough to be heard over the growling wind and lashing rain.

What does this have to do with running?

I am NOT going out there!

Maria and I used to have different opinions on running in the rain. I think this comes from the fact she grew up in Texas and me in England. I realised the beauty of rain and running in it only when I was in South America. I lived in Brazil for a while and remember a 10km I did there. It was tipping it down, jungle style. A lot of the locals bailed out, but for me it was fine. It’s not exactly the rain that’s the problem; it’s the temperature and wind that comes with it. But when’s it’s tropical out, it doesn’t matter so much, even if it’s a wall of water.

The first time Maria and I went out running in a Buenos Aires rain storm, I made the mistake of thinking it was cold. I wore heavy track suit tops and jogging bottoms. Then it wasn’t the rain that was the problem, but the extra weight of my clothes which were soaked in seconds. We laughed as I dragged myself around Puerto Madero, trying in vain to ring myself out as we went along.

But today, it is nothing like that. And the last thing I want to do is get sick this close to Cruce de los Andes. Luckily, it’s also a non-running day, so I’ll do some weights and stretching instead as I watch birds being blown off course across the garden.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? Days are now ‘running’ or ‘non-running’. Let’s hope the weather plays fair with me on those running days and training doesn’t get blown of course.

Of course, water AFTER a run always works!


About Laura Alonso

We run. We travel. And to combine both is a beautiful thing. "Runners just do it. They go for the finish line even though someone else has reached it first."

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