Volcanic ash

Since June of last year (wow we really are in 2012 now), the Puyehue volcano has been erupting in Chile. Unfortunately, over the months it hasn’t let up and ash continues to be rained over Chile and Argentina. The organizers of Cruce have made a point to mention that this ash will not affect our experience. After my recent trip to the South, I’m afraid to say I don’t agree with them.

We arrived with gorgeous blue skies and no sign of ash in the sky. Certain areas of the mountains were dusted with ash, but besides that you would have assumed everyone was exaggerating about the ash. Let’s just say we got lucky. Day 2 was ashy, but nothing compared to the day we left. Below is a picture I took as we drove out of town. Normally, there our mountains on the other side of this lake. It was a thick fog that made you teary-eyed and covered your feet as you walked along.

The volcano is located between Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes, our meeting place and finishing line. This means that depending on the direction of the wind the first week of February we could be ash covered or provided with clear blue skies to see the beautiful scenery that will surround us. Let’s cross our fingers for the latter.



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