Hills or lack of them

As the days draw nearer I begin to realize what we are really about to do. I look on the website and see the distance we go each day, but what sticks out is the rise and fall in altitude. Buenos Aires is flat. This means my training is done on flat ground. I’ve been trying to force myself to cross an overpass near my apartment that at least means a little incline, but in the whole scheme of things I don’t think it’ll really makes a difference. We climb 2000 meters (that’s over a mile into the sky) just on the first day. Needless to say, I wanted to use my days in Bariloche wisely and get in some hill work. And that I did.

Fede’s dad gave me a tip on a route and I headed out. Up and up I went; blindly as my only real directions were take a right and then a left. Before long I realized I was climbing up towards Cerro Catedral, the local ski resort. Talk about an uphill battle, but it was just what I needed. I coasted down with the wind in my face and still made time. The upside is that half of Cruce will be downhill. Although I should probably incorporate some stairs into my routine in the mean time.

One day from today we begin our experience of a lifetime!

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